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Lafayette's best kept secret! Acadiana Park Nature Station

Recently, many residents have sought out new outdoor activities to entertain the kids and get everyone out of the house. The Acadiana Park Nature Station located in Upper Lafayette off of East Alexander St. has seen an uptick in activity and people are asking the question, "How did I not know about this place?". The nature station is located in a beautiful wooded area surrounded by 6 miles of walking and biking trails to get out and explore. The Nature Station regularly offers guided hikes, including night hikes. The station also offers a kayak launch for exploring the land by water. The Acadiana Park Nature Station is a great community asset and invites everyone out to reconnect with Nature. 

It's Egg Pocking Time in South Louisiana!


What in the world is egg pocking you may ask?

If you grew up in South Louisiana it is likely you grew up with this tradition. Egg pocking is a serious deal in my family. The Saturday before Easter Sunday is spent dying eggs for the coveted pocking tournament on Easter morning. It goes like this...Each person will pick out a perfect egg after studying each egg carefully. Next, one person will hold their egg upright and the other will tap their egg against the upright tip of the opponent. The opponents egg that does not crack is declared the winner of that round and will move on to face the next opponent. The last man standing is declared the winner! 

Do you have any Easter traditions as strange as Egg Pocking?

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